The Door

What is a door? It is an opening in a wall that can give or close access to a new area. In the broadest sense of the word. A door can also be the border between the proved, empirical world and metaphysics. We don’t know what the future brings, what evil looks like, what God looks like, if there is a God. Knowing in the sense of perceived. Many people believe there is something behind the door: a god, a hereafter, future and past, an many more invincible figurines and phenomena like spirits, angels or satans. Believing is accepting as true without evidence. This truth cannot (yet) be proved. That has as pendant that it cannot be rejected as a lie either, as this untruth isn’t proved or is unprovable too. Many people say to be in contact with creatures in this invincible world and throughout history many writings appeared claiming to be produced by a creating god, in which this god introduces him- or herself, but also granting man guidelines for a proper life and a glance on the future. A messenger or prophet would have directly received this scripture from the deity. These scriptures differ from each other and several organised communities formed around them, worshipping this deity with rituals stipulated in these scriptures or by predessors. In short, it seems there are more metaphysical truths. Many say therefor: everybody has his, her, their own truth. Is this what it is? Is truth only a pleasant philosophical exercise or does one creator exist after all and is creation established certainty?


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